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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 5/4

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Another Tuesday, another Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia. Normal disclaimer: feel free to try and look up facts and cheat, but all I ask is this: If you do feel the need to cheat, please do not post your ill-begotten answers in the comments section. Give others the chance to figure them out honestly. It really annoys me to see all the answers filled out early by somebody who cheated. Cheat if you must, just hold off on posting your answer.

Also, a side note; I will now be using former Bills coaches as well. I have been doing this long enough that it can get tough to find players that I haven't already used, so I will now throw coaches into the mix. Good luck.

Mystery Player/Coach 1
- I attended Furman College.
- I was involved in the 1988 AFC championship game.
- I played for five different NFL teams during my career.
- I played for the Wheeling Ironmen.

Mystery Player/Coach 2
- I attended IUP.
- I was originally a fifth round draft choice.
- I played for two NFL teams, finishing my career with the Bills.
- I am currently the head coach of a NCAA Division I FCS school.

Mystery Player/Coach 3
- I attended EMCC.
- I scored 54 career touchdowns.
- I was a first round draft choice.
- I was on two Super Bowl winning teams.

Mystery Player/Coach 4
- I was a Gator.
- I played for two different NFL teams.
- I scored nine career touchdowns.
- I was drafted in the ninth round.