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Bills GM Nix continues front office tinkering

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Less than two weeks removed from the close of the 2010 NFL Draft, and with the team's first rookie mini-camp on the horizon, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix has begun tinkering with his college scouting staff. The team announced Wednesday afternoon that Nix had hired Darrell Moody, a former cohort of Nix's at San Diego, as his new National Scout.

In addition to the hiring of Moody - who spent eight seasons as an area scout in San Diego, covering the Southeast - the Bills handed promotions to three of their own. Matt Hand, formerly a BLESTO scout, is now an area scout covering the Midwest. C.J. Leak, formerly a pro personnel assistant, replaces Hand. Michael LaFlamme has added pro personnel assistant duties to his previous duties as a college scouting assistant.

As far as we can tell, Buffalo's college scouting department follows the below hierarchy. It's still unclear whether or not further changes are imminent with the scouting department, particularly near the top of the pecking order.

Name Title
Buddy Nix General Manager
Doug Whaley Asst. GM/Director of Pro Personnel
Tom Modrak VP of College Scouting
Doug Majeski Coordinator of College Scouting
Darrell Moody National Scout
Rashaan Curry College Scout
Brian Fisher College Scout
Brad Forsyth College Scout
Matt Hand Area Scout - Midwest
Shawn Heinlen College Scout
Tom Roth College Scout
C.J. Leak BLESTO Scout
Michael LaFlamme College/Pro Personnel Assistant