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Bills QB Brohm to throw at rookie mini-camp

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The Buffalo Bills and new head coach Chan Gailey are getting set to open the team's first rookie mini-camp this weekend. Although the camp typically will only include first- and second-year players, rookie quarterback Levi Brown won't be the only signal-caller getting reps starting Friday afternoon. Brian Brohm, signed from Green Bay during the 2009 season, will be on the field to practice with his new teammates, as mentioned by Chris Brown at in his 1-on-1 interview with Brohm.

Brohm, as I'm sure you'll recall, is getting set to battle it out with incumbents Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick for the Bills' starting quarterback job.

What Brohm will gain on his two competitors over this weekend will probably be minimal on the field, as Gailey and his coaching staff will likely keep things simple as everyone on the field learns a new playbook. Still, it's noteworthy that Brohm, who has a lot of catching up to do in terms of experience, will get three extra days' worth of exposure to Gailey, quarterbacks coach George Cortez and the rest of Buffalo's offensive coaching staff.

Brohm also chatted with Brown about his struggles getting up to speed upon his arrival in Buffalo last year.

"Coming in and getting settled was fairly difficult, just for the fact of the number of coaches that were still available to me," said Brohm. "Coach (Alex) Van Pelt did everything he could, but he was the OC and the quarterback coach. We didn't have a separate quarterback coach, so there wasn't a lot of individual time I could steal away from him, because he was working on game plans. It was a lot of getting in there, watching film on my own, taking the playbook, studying on my own, and trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible."

Buffalo's rookie mini-camp runs from tomorrow, May 7, through Sunday, May 9. Make sure you stop by this morning to check out the aforementioned Brohm 1-on-1.