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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 3/7

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Brohm to get first crack -
"I think it’s a pretty big advantage going into OTAs and the next minicamps to get this time under my belt," said Brohm. "You see the offense develop, you get to run the plays and see how they unfold and how coach likes to call them and what he wants with different coverages. It’s five extra days that you get to go out there and compete and be in the meeting room with the coaches and see what they want out of the quarterbacks. It’s definitely an advantage."

Non-rookies participating this weekend – Inside The Bills
Here's the full list of non-rookie participants in minicamp starting today. Tight end Joe Klopfenstein and fullback Rodney Ferguson will also be in attendance along with the 24 names on this list, 9 draft picks, and 22,569* Undrafted Free Agents. *-number is speculative.

Minicamp opens Bills' door to future : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
"The Bills hold their first minicamp in Orchard Park with morning and afternoon practices today and Saturday and a morning practice on Sunday. Workouts are closed to the public."

Other Bills Links
Pick Your Poison - WGR 550 SportsRadio

Joe Buscaglia says it's Trent Edwards' job to lose at QB, explains each QB's situation, and tries to talk Bills fans off a ledge.

Bills' draft pick Wang made for this moment - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"The Wangs had a son, and when he was 6 they started him on speed work. He lifted weights when he was 10." When it turned out he wasn't going to be tall enough to play basketball, they focused on football. The Wangs manufactured an athlete.

Captain Checkdown has sidekick in Spiller - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"I have been very critical of the Spiller pick, but that is certainly something he can provide," Bill Williamson of Scouts Inc. said. "Checkdowns become much more dangerous in his hands. He is extremely dangerous."

PFTV looks at looming quarterback battles |
"In several cities later this year, two (or more) men will be vying for the privilege of being his team's starting quarterback -- which carries with it the possibility of being the first guy benched. PFTV looks at the hot spots for quarterback battles."

Bills focus on premium seat sales - Business First of Buffalo:
The early returns indicate corporate sponsorship is holding steady and maybe even increasing, but sales of suites and premium seats is slightly off. "We are tracking a little behind last year, but it’s not that dramatic," Buffalo Bills senior VP of business development Bruce Popko said. "No one here is pulling the fire alarm," he added.

Inside Slant | Team Reports | NFL at
A closer look at how Torell Troup fits into the Bills defensive plans.

Notes | Team Reports | NFL at
A look at the UDFA situation in Buffalo.

Personnel | Team Reports | NFL at
CBS looks at Brian Brohm's opportunity at rookie minicamp, the medical chart, and the loses in free agency.

POLLOCK: Sabres, Bills put faithful to the test | Olean Times Herald
"THE BILLS, of course, really put their faithful to the test. Ten seasons without a playoff berth is a bit much ... especially for one of the NFL’s most loyal fan bases."

Balzer: Jackson's surgery quiets positive vibes at Rams Park | St. Louis Globe-Democrat
Marshawn Lynch is mentioned in passing as a possible option at running back in St. Louis where Steven Jackson just had back surgery.

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