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Buddy Nix Approval Ratings: Take three

It's time for Bills fans to once again state their pleasure, or lack thereof, with the efforts of GM Buddy Nix.

This is the third such poll we have done. The first was done back on February 13, 2010 and the second was posted on April 19, 2010 just before the 2010 NFL Draft. The purpose is to get a feel for how the fans feel about the job that new Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix is doing in his quest to bring the Bills from the edge of obscurity back into prominence. Since there was a little debate about this last time, I will now list some things that Nix hasn't done that some might view as a negative, in an effort to hear less whining and complaining not give the false pretense of being biased. So in the five and a half months that Buddy Nix has been on the job he has:

  • He fired former Vice President of Pro Personnel John Guy
  • He hired Pittsburgh's Doug Whaley as the team's new Assistant GM and Director of Pro Personnel
  • He hired Chan Gailey as the Bills' new head coach; this was Nix's first-ever coaching hire
  • Singed free agents DE Dwan Edwards, LB Andra Davis, and OT Cornell Green to be starters
  • Heavily pursued Donovan McNabb, the best veteran QB available this off season.
  • Hired Darrell Moody to be his replacement as national scout
  • Oversaw his first draft as general manager where the Bills drafted C.J. Spiller, Torell Troup, Alex Carrington, and Ed Wang among others.
  • Chose to forgo addressing QB or LT with high-round picks in the NFL Draft
  • Signed a boat load of undrafted free agents including Antonio Coleman, Cord Howard, Naaman Roosevelt, and Joique Bell.
  • To this point, has kept much of the previous scouting department intact

I put this line in the last poll and some chose to completely ignore it, so I will put it up again. Your assignment is to let us know what you think of the job that Buddy Nix has done so far. Again, this isn't about what you think or hope will happen, but if you like what has been done, or in some cases strategically not done so far by Nix.