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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Sorry for the late edition, sometimes life can be a pain. Normal rules still apply, and you know them by now.

Mystery Bill 1
- I was a Longhorn
- I started my career with the Baltimore Colts
- I was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2005
- I scored 32 career touchdowns

Mystery Bill 2
- I was one of the players to don the most-worn jersey number in team history
- I was born in Compton, CA
- I played for four NFL teams
- I made the Pro Bowl despite only recording two career interceptions

Mystery Bill 3
- I attended William and Mary College
- I was part of the 1964 AFL Championship game
- While I was a coach in college, I uncovered a sports betting scandal that resulted in six player suspensions
- I have been involved with over 17 different NFL and collegiate teams

Mystery Bill 4
- I attended Bowling Green University
- I played in four straight Pro Bowls during the '70s
- I was on the roster of the Super Bowl XI champions
- I wore number 41