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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia: 6/22

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As per the request of TMBT fan and fellow Rumbler Gpluehri, all Mystery Bills this week will be members of the Bills from the 1990s. If you think that means I was going to make it easy, then you are just being silly. Knowing that all of these guys are from the '90s is a clue, is it not? That means I am reducing the number of clues from four to three. I think that is only fair. Normal rules still apply, but since we had a suspected cheater a few weeks ago, I will re-state them. 

Do not cheat and post. If you are stumped and feel the need to look up certain facts, please keep your ill-begotten answers to yourself. It is very uncool to look up answers then post it and ruin it for everyone else. On with the show.

Mystery Bill 1
- "The Alpha Male"
- I attended Ferris State University
- Marquis Cor Von

Mystery Bill 2
- I attended the University of Iowa
- I currently teach Choy Li Fut Kung Fu
- I started my career with the Chargers

Mystery Bill 3
- I attended Portland State University
- I wore jersey number 44
- I played for three different NFL teams

Mystery Bill 4
- I played collegiality at Benedictine
- I only played for one NFL organization
- I wore number 39