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Poll: Determining the Bills' QB Pecking Order

Let's assume, for the sake of this poll, that Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey gives all of his first-team quarterback reps to Trent Edwards at the outset of training camp (we're just 36 days away, folks). That seems to be the general consensus at this point. Edwards has been with the team the longest, has the most starting experience, and most experts believe that, while Edwards obviously won't be handed the starting job, he'll likely end up with that initial advantage when camp opens on July 29.

I have not yet heard an argument against that idea that makes a lick of sense, so again, let's just assume that as fact for the sake of this poll. The next question, obviously, becomes which quarterback will follow Edwards through as the second-team QB during camp.

On the one hand, Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven himself a somewhat reliable backup quarterback, capable of keeping his team in his games and earning a few wins along the way. There's not much more you can ask of from a backup quarterback, is there? Fitzpatrick is also experienced, and much more of a proven commodity than Brian Brohm; if the team is serious about letting Fitzpatrick compete, they have to make him No. 2. On the other hand, Brian Brohm is the more talented prospect, and giving him second-team reps would afford him a better opportunity to showcase his talents in the camp setting and during pre-season games, without doing serious damage to Fitzpatrick's cause.

Edwards is the No. 1 camp quarterback. Rookie Levi Brown is No. 4 (and sorry, that's not really up for debate, either). Which argument makes more sense to you - working in Fitzpatrick as the second-teamer, or handing those reps to Brohm?