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Graham: Gailey Won't Disclose QB Pecking Order

The Buffalo Bills wrapped up their final mandatory OTA session of the summer on Friday morning, and head coach Chan Gailey would not disclose his quarterback "pecking order" after practice, ESPN's Tim Graham reports.

Not only is Gailey keeping mum on the situation publicly, he has reportedly decided to keep his three possible-starter quarterbacks - Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm - in the dark, as well.

Gailey had previously disclosed that the Bills would enter camp with a defined depth chart at the position, if only for the purpose of distributing repetitions. The pecking order would not declare a winner in this competition, merely who would be taking snaps with the first, second and third-team offenses, respectively.

All three quarterbacks got equal repetitions with the first-team offense during spring and early summer sessions, and also got equal repetitions no matter who they were lining up with. This pecking order will help define a field that appears to be on equal footing for the moment, but we might not know what that pecking order is until training camp opens on July 29.