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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia: 6/29

It's Tuesday again, and that means it is TMBT time. Last week we did a 1990s-focused trivia, and this week we have two contributions from Kurupt. Mystery Bills 1 and 2 both came excursively from K, so he will be handling the answers for those. In the future, if you ever want to take a stab at this and want to send me some mystery players, just email me and I will make it happen.

Mystery Bill 1
- I was an All-American in college
- I went on to play for five different NFL teams
- I've been on the set of movies with actors such as Vince Vaughn, Bruce Willis and Halle Berry
- I'm more known for something that took place long after my playing career ended

Mystery Bill 2
- I was drafted by the Bills, but never played for them.
- I went on to have a successful coaching career, including winning one championship
- I was a Falcon
- One of my sons was a successful NFL player, another successful as a coach; my son-in-law is also quite famous

Mystery Bill 3
- I was the head coach of a Conference USA NCAA football team
- I was a high school teammate of Merrill Hodge
- I have a 1-2 record coaching bowl games
- I was a quarterback in college

Mystery Bill 4
- I attended the University of Tennessee
- I was drafted in the 13th round
- I was a six-time AFL All Star
- I wore jersey number 58