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Buffalo Rumblings' "Gut Feeling" Players of Choice

We've had a lot of fairly serious Buffalo Bills discussions of late; it's time to lighten the mood. This is meant to be a light-hearted, slightly more optimistic discussion that, in all likelihood, will become excellent material for StroudFanClub's highly amusing "I Said That?" series, exemplified here and here. Essentially, this discussion is to center around "gut feeling" players - those players that you just have a hunch are ready to break out for the Bills in 2010. Everyone's got at least one, so don't cop out on this one, folks. That would be lame.

I'll start the discussion off with two players that I've got good gut feelings about entering the 2010 season - one on offense, one on defense. I'll talk about those players now, and then leave the comments section to the rest of you. Let's make this discussion a fun one, folks.

WR Steve Johnson. Buffalo's got an impending battle for the No. 2 receiver job opposite Lee Evans, and I still think the smart money is on Johnson winning that job. He's certainly not the most physically talented receiver on the roster, but I think Johnson is the most instinctual route-runner on the team. He's just got that "it" factor - he knows how to play. He can beat any kind of coverage. Buffalo is likely to use a lot of their young receivers offensively, but I think Johnson could be in for a 50-catch season in which he emerges as the team's go-to possession receiver as the year moves on.

OLB Danny Batten. I wrote about Batten earlier this week, so I'll keep this short - I like Batten's athleticism, his fit as a 3-4 OLB, his coverage capabilities, and his motor. I believe he'll work his way into a prominent defensive role as the season progresses, and depending on the development of Aaron Maybin and the availability of Aaron Schobel, I like Batten's chances of not only contributing later on in 2010, but his long-term chances of emerging as a starter, as well.

The comments section is now yours, folks. Take it away.