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What would you offer for Tom Brady?

Put aside the fact that Tom Brady quarterbacks the rival New England Patriots for one second. He is still one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and has a regular season MVP and two Super Bowl MVP trophies to prove it. 

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that there is a growing disconnect between the golden boy and the only pro team he's ever known. Let's speculate for a moment, shall we? Allow me present two scenarios:

Scenario 1
The Patriots feel they have already seen the best of Tom Brady and don't want to break the bank for him. Instead of letting him play out the last year of his contract and move on as a free agent, they decide to franchise the veteran signal caller. A year from now, Brady is on the trading block. What would you give the Patriots for him? Keep in mind the Bills gave the Patriots a single first-round pick for the 30-year-old Drew Bledsoe. Brady will be 33 before the 2010 seasons starts.

Scenario 2
The Patriots have bigger fish to fry with their franchise tag, building for the future without Brady (hypothetically). Instead of franchising him, they place the tag on Laurence Maroney (for argument's sake). How much do you offer Brady in an uncapped year to get him to come to Buffalo ahead of re-signing in New England or signing elsewhere?

So Bills fans, what would you give up for Tom Brady if you were Buddy Nix? The comments section is yours.