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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

True story: last Tuesday I woke up, did my morning routine, made my daughter some breakfast, then logged onto Buffalo Rumblings. When I looked at the front page and began reading, it slowly dawned on me... today was Tuesday! I had totally dropped the ball and forgotten to post a TMBT. I felt like a dope. I immediately emailed Brian and apologized. The return email from Brian went something like, "What? It's Tuesday?"

Moral of the story is this: three-day weekends are nice, but they tend to screw with weekly routines. So this week, I am going to do five Mystery Bills, and I've added in some tricky extra credit questions that were provided by MRW.

Mystery Bill 1
- I attended UAB
- I played for three different NFL teams
- I played for two seasons with the Bills
- I was a sixth-round pick

Mystery Bill 2
- I am currently a coach at the collegiate level
- I attended West Virgina University
- I spent three years with the Bills
- I recently coached on a national champion team

Mystery Bill 3
- I played linebacker for Northern Michigan University
- I have been a head coach on both the NCAA and NFL levels
- I owned a Craftsman Truck Series team
- I once correctly predicted that Daffy Duck would beat Bugs Bunny

Mystery Bill 4
- I was a member of the Wolfpack
- My entire NFL playing career was spent with the Buffalo Bills
- I was a tenth-round draft choice
- I scored four touchdowns in one half of a game, on my first four carries

Mystery Bill 5
- I was a Sooner
- I was an eighth-round draft choice
- I was the Bills ROY my rookie season
- Del City High School's football stadium bears my name

- What jersey number has been only worn by one player in the history of the Bills, and who is that player?
- What jersey number has been worn by the greatest amount of players? Name at least five of them.