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Poll: Who Will Lead The Bills In Sacks In 2010?

Of the ten members of the Buffalo Bills who recorded sacks in 2009, three of them - Aaron Schobel, Ryan Denney and Chris Draft - are no longer with the organization, whether officially or unofficially (in Schobel's case). With them, they take 13 of the Bills' 31 sacks from a year ago - and particularly with Schobel out of the picture, Buffalo's pass rush, which was already a question mark, is now an area containing nothing but question marks.

The idea of this post is simple - to find out which Bill everyone here believes will lead the team in sacks in 2010. I've got a few candidates to throw out there, but the poll is all yours.

Aaron Maybin is the most talented pass rusher on the roster, but is still extremely young and raw, is making a position switch, and has zero career sacks.

Chris Kelsay is now the leading sack artist on the roster with Schobel out of the picture; he was second on the team with five sacks a year ago.

Kawika Mitchell missed most of the 2009 season due to injury, but did tie for the team lead in sacks in 2008, with four.

Kyle Williams has improved as a pass rusher every season, finishing third on the team last season with a career-high sack total of four.

Dwan Edwards isn't known for his pass rush (just two career sacks), but could get a little more freedom to rush in a more traditional 3-4 look.