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Sunday Football Vids: Locker, Ponder Highlights

Watching the Buffalo Bills on YouTube is difficult to do; you see, you find maybe three or four worthy clips of current players, you exhaust the gold mine that is C.J. Spiller's YouTube selection, and then bam, you're watching tapes from the 1990s. Journeying into YouTube searching for Bills content really is like entering the mind of a Bills fan desperate to recall anything good about their team.

Perhaps it would have been more prudent, therefore, to post these highlight videos of Washington QB Jake Locker and Florida State QB Christian Ponder yesterday at noon, as these two gentlemen are still playing on Saturdays. We will, however, be turning our backs on the Bills for one (okay, maybe two) more Sunday(s) in our Sunday Football Vid series, and today, we're simply looking to complement our discussion on top-level college quarterback prospects from earlier this week.

You'll find the Locker and Ponder clips - we're sticking to seniors today - after the jump.