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Ball Moving On NFL First-Round Pick Signings?

The first NFL training camp opens at the end of this week, and we're officially ten days removed from the start of Buffalo Bills training camp. One big storyline still awaiting resolution is whether or not first-round pick C.J. Spiller (not to mention second-rounder Torell Troup and third-rounder Alex Carrington) get contracts by next Thursday, allowing them to participate fully from the moment camp opens.

If Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times is hearing things correctly, however, one semi-important piece to getting a deal in place with Spiller is nearing completion. Here's his Monday report, via Twitter:

Hearing the 49ers made strong offer to rookie tackle Anthony Davis recently. He could be the first 1st-rder to get done. Nothing imminent

Davis was the third tackle off the board in April, and was selected two spots behind Spiller, who went No. 9 overall. San Francisco's rookies report to training camp on July 30, one day after the Bills report. As Wilson mentions, no deal is imminent between Davis and San Francisco, but signs are encouraging on his front - and that can only help accelerate negotiations between the Bills and Spiller, given that the bulk of the work is contingent on a salary slotting process.

One possible point of leverage for Gary Wichard, Spiller's agent, is that Spiller was the first running back selected; that's usually good for a few extra bucks, and could slightly delay negotiations. But the more good news we have on this front, the better, and San Francisco's work with Davis - so starkly different from their negotiations with Michael Crabtree a year ago - is good news on the Spiller front.