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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 7/20

Good morning, Rumblers! It is that time of the week once again. I know that you all eagerly anticipate my posting of the TMBT, so here comes your fix. My creative well is really running dry right now; can't you tell? You all know the rules, so here comes the trivia.

Mystery Bill 1
- I attended Duke
- I have been a coach for six different NFL teams
- My birthday is ten days before sireric's
- I coached for the Florida Gators on two different occasions

Mystery Bill 2
- My nickname is "Golden"
- I currently work for a team in the UFL
- I enjoyed my most notable success at USC
- I played the same position that I coached while with the Bills

Mystery Bill 3
- I attended Penn State
- I wasn't a linebacker in the pros
- I wore number 77
- I was drafted in the seventh round

Mystery Bill 4
- I was a Buckeye (surprise!)
- I was a third-round pick of the Bills
- I wore jersey number 46
- I played only for the Bills during my playing days