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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 7/26

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Three-way battle at QB to highlight Bills camp - The Buffalo News
Mark Gaughan sat down with all three QBs as he prepares us for the three-headed competition.  The link highlighted above is for Trent's Q&A.  You can see Ryan Fitzpatrick's here and Brian Brohm's here.

How the 2010 Bills can make the playoffs | Democrat and Chronicle
"Colleague Sal Maiorana on Sunday listed 10 questions regarding the 2010 Buffalo Bills and deduced that it will be difficult to win more than five games. I agree with Sal. But here's a more optimistic list."

Evans, interior line depth are only sure things - The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson runs down the key offensive competitions to keep an eye on. They include the RB rotation, no. 2 WR, back-up tight end, and OL depth.

Sources: St. Louis Rams very interested in signing Terrell Owens - ESPN
Chris Mortenson breaks down the Terrell Owens situation as it stood on Sunday around noon. The Rams and Bengals seem like the two options T.O. has now.

It All Starts with the Coach and QB -
"Success in the NFL usually starts with the head coach and the quarterback. In Buffalo, one deserves the benefit of the doubt. The other has to earn it."

Steve Johnson Filling His Own Shoes | Buffalo Sports Now
Steve Rosenberg takes a quick look at the No. 2 WR position saying he thinks Steve Johnson is ready to break out.

Who could dethrone the Colts? A look at AFC training camp capsules -
A superficial look at the Bills chances in 2010. It boils down to these two sentences: "Spiller is an exciting player … and with all the kicks he's likely to return this year, Bills fans should get a good look at him. It's hard to see the Bills competing in a loaded AFC East."

Buffalo Bills: You are the New GM. Who Stays and Who Goes? | Bleacher Report
Dan Van Wie compiled a list of 16 players. You can keep only 4 of these roster bubble players. Would do you keep?

Philip Rivers optimistic about Chargers chances in 2010 - Peter King -
Peter King thinks the Bills are not one of the 28 teams that can make the playoffs.

Joe from NYC Blog: While the Bills increase in value, it may decrease the team's chances of staying
"Anyways, my original point is that while the value of the team increases, it decreases the chances for the Bills to find a buyer for the team to stay in Buffalo. Excuse me for sounding morbid, but if Wilson lives for another 5-10 years, the price tag of the Bills may go up to a cool billion dollars. Sorry, but how many companies or people in Buffalo can afford that?"