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Bills Training Camp Battles: Starting Quarterback

Happy 2010 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Eve, Bills fans. This morning, we're wrapping up our off-season discussions by taking one last speculative look at what is sure to be the predominant story over the next month or so: which of the Bills' three incumbent starting quarterbacks will emerge as the starting quarterback.

We've been over this thing from just about every angle. Trent Edwards has a host of nicknames and the most game experience on the roster. Ryan Fitzpatrick has perhaps the lowest ceiling, but proved the most on the field in 2009. Brian Brohm is trying to shake a label of disappointment earned in Green Bay by earning the starting job in Buffalo, and is by far the most unknown commodity of the three starting candidates.

The time for hopes and dreams are over. By now, most of you have gone on record stating which player you'd like to see become the starter. Now is the time for prediction - so when you answer the poll question, keep your own personal motives out of it. Objectivity is the name of the game, and the question is simple: who are you predicting will be Buffalo's opening-day starter at quarterback?