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Bills In Different Salary Galaxy Than Division Rivals

The Buffalo Bills are the least flashy team in an AFC East division full of glitz, glamor and promise amongst the three more popular teams. That reality is reflected in a team salary analysis that appears at ESPN, and is provided by J.I. Halsell of Football Outsiders.

Halsell reports that Buffalo's team salary in 2010 (an uncapped season, if you recall) is $109,377,363 - more than $13 million less than New England's payroll, $15 million less than Miami's, and well over $19 million less than New York's. In addition, while Halsell reports dead money (money paid to non-roster players in the form of guarantees and bonuses) totals of $9.49 million (New York), $10.67 million (New England) and $10.91 million (Miami), Buffalo's total is a minuscule, barely-worth-mentioning $27,279.

The article also names fifth-year safety Donte Whitner as the team's most important non-tendered player in a contract year, citing declining statistics and off-season trade rumors as reasons that Whitner might not get an extension next off-season. Meanwhile, Lee Evans, and his $7.03 million 2010 salary, is named as the Bill under the most pressure to live up to his salary number. Evans inked a four-year, $37.25 million contract extension in October of 2008 - a deal that included a good deal of front-loading.

Aaron Schobel, who is still trying to decide if he'll play this year, has Buffalo's highest salary number in 2010, as he's scheduled to make $8.28 million if he plays.