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Buffalo Bills 2010 Preview At

Over at, we're running 2010 NFL team previews on a daily basis (weekdays only, mind you) right up through the start of the regular season. As the previews run in order from "worst to first," naturally, the Buffalo Bills preview was going to come early; in fact, it's the second preview to run this year. That should tell you a lot about's opinion(s) on our favorite team.

You can read the preview here, which tries to touch on most of the major talking points surrounding the club in a just-short-of-superficial manner - so it could very well sound like the type of national dross you read and despise so frequently. (In this case, that was sort of the point, albeit with a little embellishment.) Of course, that bit about Aaron Schobel being a "significant subtraction" might not be the case within the next couple of weeks, but as you are already keenly aware of the impact his return would make, it shouldn't hinder your opinion on the article too drastically.

Leave your thoughts on the preview here - or even there if you're feeling bold - and be sure to keep your eye on over the next several weeks for the rest of the blog-authored team previews.