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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 7/6

I hope you all had a nice long weekend, are well-rested, and are ready to tackle some Bills trivia. Hopefully your head is clear and you are able to focus properly. I got quite possibly the worst case of sunburn I have ever had, and spent my holiday weekend helping my brother-in-law build his new deck in some scorching heat. I am pretty exhausted, so if I screwed anything up here I will simply blame that. Have at it folks.

Mystery Bill 1
- I am the only man to have been head coach of both Baltimore franchises
- I am a member of the Colts' ring of honor
- I got my first coaching job under George Allen with the Washington Redskins
- I was a first round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but left after one year of play to join the Army

Mystery Bill 2
- I was drafted by the Bills in the tenth round
- I was a Golden Hurricane
- I spent my entire career with the Bills
- A Rumbler uses my likeness as his avatar

Mystery Bill 3
- I was a Nittany Lion
- My brother Keith also played in the NFL
- I was a second-round draft choice of the Chiefs
- I spent the last five years of my career with the Colts

Mystery Bill 4
- I attended Indiana University
- I played for the Cleveland Browns
- I coached at Miami, UCF and Northwestern, among other teams
- As a player I was All-Big Ten as both a quarterback and a fullback, but played linebacker in the pros