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Thurman Thomas: "I've Got My Money On Brian Brohm"

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas was on WGR 550's The Howard Simon Show on Thursday morning, and was asked about a variety of topics, including which of Buffalo's stable of quarterbacks he believes will be the starter.

Thurman's answer was something of a surprise.

"I've got my money on Brian Brohm," Thomas said. "There's just something about him. When I was over there, we had a great conversation. He was picking my brain about how Jim Kelly used to do things."

Brohm was the subject of a moderate amount of praise from head coach Chan Gailey after the team concluded mandatory mini-camp in late June. While most observers - including Bills cornerback Drayton Florence, via Twitter - believe that Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick are the more serious contenders for the starting job, Brohm is now considered a bigger factor in the race than he was in April.

This is, of course, entirely Thomas' opinion - but it's at least encouraging to hear that Thomas is impressed by Buffalo's biggest QB question mark. (Although, if I'm looking to make an impression, I'm doing exactly what Brohm did. Just saying.) Only Gailey knows who will open camp atop his pecking order at the position, however, and we won't know what Gailey knows for another three weeks.