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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 8/10

Welcome to the Buffalo Rumblings Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia season finale. Two weeks ago, I asked for suggestions for a good season finale theme. I received two quality suggestions; no, K, I did not consider your suggestion to do a Zubaz themed TMBT to be quality. It took me a few minutes of deliberating over which theme to use before I had the epiphany to combine them. Normally, I would let everyone know what those themes are, but then that would be giving away extra hints; we can't have that, can we? On with the show.

Mystery Bill 1
- I attended Mississippi
- I was an AFL All-Star for four straight seasons
- I wore jersey number 78
- I played for two NFL teams during my career

Mystery Bill 2
- I was a six-time Pro Bowl selection and a five-time All-Pro selection
- As a child, I developed rickets and had to wear braces on my legs
- I was once a spokesman for Pioneer Chicken
- I won the Walter Camp award

Mystery Bill 3
- I attended Southern University
- I won Defensive Rookie of the Year
- I wore number 58 for both NFL teams for which I played
- I was a six-time Pro Bowl selection

Mystery Bill 4
- I was a first ballot Hall Of Famer
- I graduated from Booker T. Washington High School
- I won the Outland Trophy
- I played in 279 career games in the NFL

Mystery Bill 5
- I was a Gamecock
- I was the Freshman of the Year in the SEC
- I was a two-time All-American
- My first name is Yukota

Extra Credit
What are the two themes that I combined?