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Lankster, Stupar Look To Build On Strong '09 Pre-Season

It happens every year in the NFL. A small number of players on your favorite team's roster play surprisingly well - statistically or otherwise - in the pre-season, which leads to either an upstart slot on the final roster, or a great deal of fan resentment when that player is released.

The Buffalo Bills had two such players a year ago; one made the final roster, while the other didn't. Then-rookie cornerback Ellis Lankster recorded 12 tackles and two interceptions - both in a win over Chicago - during pre-season play, which combined with several more big plays on the practice field led to his cracking the final roster as a seventh-round pick. His strong camp play has continued into his sophomore season, to the point where he could legitimately challenge for nickel and dime work at a loaded cornerback position.

Jonathan Stupar, meanwhile, did not make the final roster last year despite hauling in 19 passes for 184 yards and a touchdown in five pre-season games. Stupar did, however, make his way back onto the team thanks to a season-ending injury to Derek Schouman, and now enters the 2010 pre-season as the top tight end on Buffalo's depth chart.

Lankster and Stupar are just two players on this roster that could provide intriguing storylines as Buffalo's pre-season begins. Our question for you this morning - which Bills players do you believe can produce to the levels of these two players over the next four weeks? Or, put more prudently, which players do you predict will make the final roster on the basis of undeniably excellent pre-season play?