Chan’s situation period

For those Bills fans that have made it out to training camp to watch practice may have noticed that close to halfway through every practice session, coach Gailey pulls him entire team to the sideline and addresses them. Here’s what’s going on. It’s called ‘situation period.’ A time when Gailey goes over some specific game situation where players might not know exactly what they can or cannot do based on the rules or some other nuance that doesn’t come up in games very often. "Every day in camp we pick a (game) situation," Gailey said. "For example, we had a situation where it was 4th down and a half a yard somewhere between the 30 and the 50-yard line and for the defense it’s about not falling for the no-brainer long count, hard count from the offense. For the offense they have to understand what they have the opportunity to do, draw them offsides or make the first down. "Other days it’s been taking a slow safety or taking a fast safety. We’ve had understanding what can happen on a blocked field goal. Different alignments from a punt team. I’m just trying to cover a situation a day where you stand there and you talk to them and get them to understand the game of football." Suffice to say that Bills players will know whether or not they should touch a ball in the end zone after a blocked field goal (see: Leon Lett) or some other obscure circumstance that could come up in a game.