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Bills Release First Unofficial Depth Chart

We've known a few details about the Buffalo Bills' first (unofficial) depth chart of the pre-season for a couple of days now. The Bills have now published that depth chart at their official website in anticipation of Friday's pre-season opener against the Washington Redskins.

Chad Jackson has moved up to second-team receiver after today's move to waive Felton Huggins. (James Hardy is still a fourth-teamer.) Clarity has been established, if only for the short-term, in terms of Buffalo's in-flux depth along the offensive line. So, too, have the labels and responsibilities for Buffalo's 3-4 linebackers (though you'd have to find that clarification on the team's first pre-season media release). Take a perusal and leave your thoughts; the slightly-more-detailed version is linked below.

Bills' First Unofficial 2010 Depth Chart