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How Valuable Is C.J. Spiller, Fantasy Commodity?

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With injuries to Buffalo Bills running backs Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch, the fantasy world has been buzzing about rookie C.J. Spiller. Already poised to play a large role in Buffalo's offense, Spiller is now temporarily the Bills' first-team running back, and could open the regular season in that capacity.

Back at the end of April, we did a speed back study trying to figure out just how involved - and just how productive - Spiller could be as a rookie, and as part of a platoon at his position. The study gave us some ranges to work with; rookie speed backs typically log between 132-187 carries, 37-44 receptions, 20-33 kick returns, 950-1,300 offensive yards and six to nine touchdowns, all while missing a game or two.

Consider those ranges, and assume that Spiller will fall within those ranges, or perhaps exceed them, in 2010. Our question for you today: how valuable is a running back with that type of production? Where, for example, would you feel comfortable drafting a running back in that situation? The comments section is all yours, folks.

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