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Bills Training Camp: Biggest Unresolved Roster Questions

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The Buffalo Bills are two practices away from wrapping up training camp at St. John Fisher College, and they're also two pre-season games away from finalizing their 53-man roster in anticipation of the start of the regular season. Strong performances by some players, weak performances by others, and injuries have begun to shape Buffalo's depth chart, but with the biggest decisions still nearly two weeks away, there are three big questions that remain unresolved.

Backup Quarterback. It is blatantly obvious at this point that Trent Edwards, barring injury, will start the season atop the QB depth chart. General consensus holds that rookie Levi Brown will likely serve as the No. 3 QB. If that's the case, then Buffalo will need to choose between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm as Edwards' primary backup. They've been on fairly equal footing in camp and during pre-season action, so these next two weeks will be absolutely critical to the final decision.

Tight End Depth. Injuries, as well as the Shawn Nelson suspension, have ravaged this unit to the point that Jonathan Stupar will be the undisputed opening-day starter. Assuming that Michael Matthews' injury isn't serious, he's likely to make the team as a backup, but most pro teams keep three tight ends. Will Derek Schouman, out 3-6 weeks with a knee injury, get the benefit of patience from the coaching staff? Or will a soon-to-be-signed depth player usurp Schouman's roster spot? Time will tell, but Chan Gailey blatantly said that Schouman has fallen well behind his teammates.

Offensive Line Depth. Given the brittle nature of Buffalo's five projected starting linemen, prudently choosing depth is of critical importance. Jamon Meredith is a virtual lock to make the team as a swing tackle. From there, the question becomes whether the Bills keep eight linemen or nine; the latter would absolutely take a roster spot away from a better football player. Cordaro Howard, Kirk Chambers, Sean Allen, Andre Ramsey, Kyle Calloway and others wait on tenterhooks for an answer.

Any unresolved questions that you believe belong in this discussion?