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Rumblings' Official Fantasy Football League Holds Its Draft

Alternate title to this post: "Bow To The Superiority Of Ron Swanson's Mustache."

The Buffalo Rumblings Premiere Fantasy Football League, hosted in 2010 on the award-winning Fantasy Football Commissioner League, held its annual selection meeting this past Sunday night. The league consists of six members of Rumblings' editorial and moderator staff - one of which is a two-time league champion - and four more league champions from Rumblings leagues in 2009, including last year's league champion, TheAfghanTwilight.

Previous years no longer matter, save the fact that I, myself, am a seven-time fantasy football champion - though, admittedly, I haven't won squat in Rumblings leagues. That is about to change. Find out why after the jump.

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Rather than simply say who picked which players where, I thought I'd hand out a few awards for Sunday night's draft efforts. These awards will accurately convey the lay of the BRPL this year, and will illustrate why no team has any hope whatsoever of Slaying the 'Stache.

THE ASTUTE AUTO-PICKER AWARD GOES TO... untouchaBILL, code name 'untouchaBILL'
Points for team name creativity! Undoubtedly owing to his Rumblings-affiliated league championship a year ago, untouchaBILL decided to skip Sunday night's proceedings, allowing CBS' auto-drafter to do the dirty work for him. Apparently, untouchaBIILL instructed the auto-drafter to downplay potential risk factors in each prospects, because gamble the auto-drafter did. Fourth-round pick Sidney Rice should be dominant after he recovers from hip surgery that'll keep him out half the season. Kicker in the sixth round? Hell yes, Garrett Hartley. Suspensions? Ben Roethlisberger's uber-productive nature laughs in the face of suspensions. And clearly, Ben Tate will be a workhorse from his cozy spot on IR.

THE OTHER ASTUTE AUTO-PICKER AWARD GOES TO... thejimbo, code name 'thejimbo'
Points for team name creativity! Another blog-affiliated 2009 league champion, thejimbo decided that he, too, had more faith in CBS' auto-drafter than his own managerial skills - though he did take a slightly different approach, tapping into the more conservative nature of his auto-drafter. Risks were taken, oh yes; taking kickers in both the ninth and eleventh rounds is a rarity, and rolling the dice on suspended holdout Vincent Jackson carries risk, as well. But untouchaBILL he is not. Hence his getting the "other" award.

THE BRETT FAVRE GUY AWARD GOES TO... MattRichWarren, code name 'Here Comes Treble'
Somebody was going to win this award, and in 2010, it goes to Matt Warren Andy Bernard. But Andy took it a step further than simply making Favre his starting quarterback with the first pick of the fourth (how appropriate!) round; he handcuffed the unfortunately oft-injured Percy Harvin to his star quarterback, then dared anyone to defy his logic. Andy, Brett. Brett, Andy.

THE 'DA BEARSSSS' GUY AWARD GOES TO... Jeff Winters, code name 'Premature Pitinos'
If you're going to pick four players from one team, wouldn't it make more sense to pick, you know, a good team? The Pitinos' season now rides solely on the tortured genius of Mike Martz, who must turn Matt Forte, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester and Greg Olsen into bona fide fantasy gold for Jeff to make a championship run. Seriously? Da Bears? (Ditka... Ditka... Sausage... ... Bears...)

THE "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M ABOUT TO DO THIS" GUY AWARD GOES TO... keysh67, code name 'keysh67'
Points for team name creativity! Every year, no matter which fantasy draft you attend or which people you're playing with, there will invariably be one person who pronounces "I can't believe I'm about to do this" before making a selection. 93.7% of the time, the wildly imaginative scenarios that play out in league members' minds fall radically short of what actually is about to transpire. So when keysh67 proclaimed "I can't believe what I am thinking of doing," chants of "Trent!", "Lee Evans!", "Porn!" and "Trent Porn!" were quickly shot down when keysh selected... Jeremy Maclin. Talk about a let down.

THE LEE EVANS GUY AWARD GOES TO... poz, code name 'Pozitively Dominant'
Just like with Favre, but specific only to fantasy leagues full of Bills fans, an award every year must be handed out to the player that selects Lee Evans. Lee Evans guy is perpetually infatuated with his raw talent, insisting annually that "this is the year he breaks out." Poz, however, was smart about his Evans infatuation, waiting until Round 10 to take the plunge. Points for patience. But we hate to break it to you, poz - this is NOT the year Evans becomes fantasy elite. To his credit, poz also takes home the "a potty break led to an auto-picked kicker in the ninth round" award; he was clearly out for the pre-season hardware this year.

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS GUY AWARD GOES TO... sireric, code name 'sireric'
Points for team name creativity! You annually have a league mate who can't make up his mind between two players, so he just takes both of them in order to platoon them. Eric was that guy this year, and in very emphatic fashion. Are the Redskins the new Eagles, and the Eagles the new Redskins? Or are the Eagles still the Eagles, and the Redskins still the Redskins? Eric no longer has to worry about that little problem, as with back-to-back picks, he took both Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb. Viva la indecision!

THE HOMER AWARD GOES TO... TheAfghanTwilight, code name 'TheAfghanTwilight'
Points for team name creativity! Ah yes, the Homer Award. Bestowed upon he who can't not select Buffalo Bills players. Afghan's fantasy team is now home to both C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, and thus, last year's BRPL league champion takes this award with ease. I'm not wholly certain that his draft strategy will lead to a repeat.

Fresh off of his bachelor party (congratulations!), K-man came into the draft room with four areas of his brain functioning: that which controls involuntary function (like breathing and heartbeat), that which controls his fingers (to type and click), the brain's pain center (obviously), and that which controls the ability to moan gutturally on occasion. Yet Kurupt, a two-time BRPL league champion, still found a way to put together a competent roster. You've got to respect his manliness.

THE "SCREW THE MADDEN CURSE!" AWARD GOES TO... Brian Galliford, code name 'Ron Swanson's Mustache'
Madden Curse? Schmadden Schmurse! Larry Fitzgerald still caught 97 passes and 13 touchdowns last year, did he not?! I laughed in the face of the Schmadden Schmurse, and boldly selected Drew Brees with the fifth overall pick. He, along with incredible value picks Anquan Boldin (Rd 4), Jamaal Charles (Rd 5), Brent Celek (Rd 9), Reggie Bush (Rd 10) and Willis McGahee (Rd 14) will lead me to fantasy glory. Bank on it.

For those of you looking to choose sides in this year's BRPL festivities, here's the full list of draft results so that you may choose wisely. Prediction: a very large percentage of you will be growing playoff mustaches.

Rd. # Rumbler Player Team
1 1 sireric RB Chris Johnson Titans
2 untouchaBILL* RB Ray Rice Ravens
3 poz RB Adrian Peterson Vikings
4 TheAfghanTwilight QB Peyton Manning Colts
5 Brian Galliford QB Drew Brees Saints
6 Kurupt RB Maurice Jones-Drew Jaguars
7 thejimbo* RB Michael Turner Falcons
8 keysh67 QB Aaron Rodgers Packers
9 Jeff Winters RB Frank Gore 49ers
10 MattRichWarren WR Andre Johnson Texans
2 11 MattRichWarren RB Cedric Benson Bengals
12 Jeff Winters WR Randy Moss Patriots
13 keysh67 RB Steven Jackson Rams
14 thejimbo* WR Reggie Wayne Colts
15 Kurupt WR Miles Austin Cowboys
16 Brian Galliford RB DeAngelo Williams Panthers
17 TheAfghanTwilight WR Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals
18 poz RB Rashard Mendenhall Steelers
19 untouchaBILL* QB Matt Schaub Texans
20 sireric WR DeSean Jackson Eagles
3 21 sireric RB Shonn Greene Jets
22 untouchaBILL* WR Roddy White Falcons
23 poz QB Tony Romo Cowboys
24 TheAfghanTwilight RB Ryan Mathews Chargers
25 Brian Galliford WR Calvin Johnson Lions
26 Kurupt RB Pierre Thomas Saints
27 thejimbo* WR Marques Colston Saints
28 keysh67 WR Brandon Marshall Dolphins
29 Jeff Winters QB Tom Brady Patriots
30 MattRichWarren RB Ryan Grant Packers
4 31 MattRichWarren QB Brett Favre Vikings
32 Jeff Winters WR Greg Jennings Packers
33 keysh67 RB Ronnie Brown Dolphins
34 thejimbo* QB Philip Rivers Chargers
35 Kurupt WR Steve Smith Giants
36 Brian Galliford WR Anquan Boldin Ravens
37 TheAfghanTwilight RB C.J. Spiller Bills
38 poz WR Michael Crabtree 49ers
39 untouchaBILL* WR Sidney Rice Vikings
40 sireric QB Donovan McNabb Redskins
5 41 sireric QB Kevin Kolb Eagles
42 untouchaBILL* TE Antonio Gates Chargers
43 poz TE Jason Witten Cowboys
44 TheAfghanTwilight WR Wes Welker Patriots
45 Brian Galliford RB Jamaal Charles Chiefs
46 Kurupt RB Beanie Wells Cardinals
47 thejimbo* RB Joseph Addai Colts
48 keysh67 RB Jahvid Best Lions
49 Jeff Winters RB Knowshon Moreno Broncos
50 MattRichWarren RB LeSean McCoy Eagles
6 51 MattRichWarren TE Dallas Clark Colts
52 Jeff Winters WR Steve Smith Panthers
53 keysh67 TE Vernon Davis 49ers
54 thejimbo* RB Jonathan Stewart Panthers
55 Kurupt TE Jermichael Finley Packers
56 Brian Galliford WR Mike Sims-Walker Jaguars
57 TheAfghanTwilight RB Justin Forsett Seahawks
58 poz WR Dwayne Bowe Chiefs
59 untouchaBILL* K Garrett Hartley Saints
60 sireric TE Tony Gonzalez Falcons
7 61 sireric WR Chad Ochocinco Bengals
62 untouchaBILL* WR Hines Ward Steelers
63 poz RB Arian Foster Texans
64 TheAfghanTwilight QB Joe Flacco Ravens
65 Brian Galliford WR Mike Wallace Steelers
66 Kurupt QB Jay Cutler Bears
67 thejimbo* DEF Minnesota Vikings
68 keysh67 WR Jeremy Maclin Eagles
69 Jeff Winters RB Matt Forte Bears
70 MattRichWarren WR Percy Harvin Vikings
8 71 MattRichWarren WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh Seahawks
72 Jeff Winters RB Marion Barber III Cowboys
73 keysh67 DEF New York (A) Jets
74 thejimbo* WR Hakeem Nicks Giants
75 Kurupt RB Michael Bush Raiders
76 Brian Galliford RB Ahmad Bradshaw Giants
77 TheAfghanTwilight WR Donald Driver Packers
78 poz WR Terrell Owens Bengals
79 untouchaBILL* RB Cadillac Williams Buccaneers
80 sireric RB Clinton Portis Redskins
9 81 sireric WR Pierre Garcon Colts
82 untouchaBILL* RB Brandon Jacobs Giants
83 poz K Ryan Longwell Vikings
84 TheAfghanTwilight TE Visanthe Shiancoe Vikings
85 Brian Galliford TE Brent Celek Eagles
86 Kurupt WR Malcom Floyd Chargers
87 thejimbo* K Mason Crosby Packers
88 keysh67 QB Carson Palmer Bengals
89 Jeff Winters WR Johnny Knox Bears
90 MattRichWarren RB Jerome Harrison Browns
10 91 MattRichWarren DEF Philadelphia Eagles
92 Jeff Winters RB Felix Jones Cowboys
93 keysh67 WR Dez Bryant Cowboys
94 thejimbo* TE Owen Daniels Texans
95 Kurupt WR Santana Moss Redskins
96 Brian Galliford RB Reggie Bush Saints
97 TheAfghanTwilight WR Kenny Britt Titans
98 poz WR Lee Evans Bills
99 untouchaBILL* DEF Chicago Bears
100 sireric TE Kellen Winslow, Jr. Buccaneers
11 101 sireric RB Tim Hightower Cardinals
102 untouchaBILL* QB Eli Manning Giants
103 poz RB Ricky Williams Dolphins
104 TheAfghanTwilight TE Chris Cooley Redskins
105 Brian Galliford DEF Pittsburgh Steelers
106 Kurupt QB Matt Ryan Falcons
107 thejimbo* K Stephen Gostkowski Patriots
108 keysh67 WR Mario Manningham Giants
109 Jeff Winters TE Zach Miller Raiders
110 MattRichWarren WR Steve Breaston Cardinals
12 111 MattRichWarren QB Matthew Stafford Lions
112 Jeff Winters RB Donald Brown Colts
113 keysh67 K Rob Bironas Titans
114 thejimbo* DEF Dallas Cowboys
115 Kurupt WR Santonio Holmes Jets
116 Brian Galliford QB Alex Smith 49ers
117 TheAfghanTwilight RB Fred Jackson Bills
118 poz WR Derrick Mason Ravens
119 untouchaBILL* QB Ben Roethlisberger Steelers
120 sireric DEF Baltimore Ravens
13 121 sireric WR Robert Meachem Saints
122 untouchaBILL* K David Akers Eagles
123 poz QB Vince Young Titans
124 TheAfghanTwilight RB Laurence Maroney Patriots
125 Brian Galliford WR Roy Williams Cowboys
126 Kurupt RB Darren Sproles Chargers
127 thejimbo* WR Vincent Jackson Chargers
128 keysh67 DEF Green Bay Packers
129 Jeff Winters WR Devin Hester Bears
130 MattRichWarren WR Chris Chambers Chiefs
14 131 MattRichWarren WR Austin Collie Colts
132 Jeff Winters QB Mark Sanchez Jets
133 keysh67 RB Marshawn Lynch Bills
134 thejimbo* RB Thomas Jones Chiefs
135 Kurupt DEF San Francisco 49ers
136 Brian Galliford RB Willis McGahee Ravens
137 TheAfghanTwilight WR Bernard Berrian Vikings
138 poz WR Jabar Gaffney Broncos
139 untouchaBILL* RB LaDainian Tomlinson Jets
140 sireric QB Kyle Orton Broncos
15 141 sireric RB Montario Hardesty Browns
142 untouchaBILL* DEF New Orleans Saints
143 poz TE Heath Miller Steelers
144 TheAfghanTwilight TE Tony Scheffler Lions
145 Brian Galliford TE Dustin Keller Jets
146 Kurupt QB Chad Henne Dolphins
147 thejimbo* RB Steve Slaton Texans
148 keysh67 TE Jermaine Gresham Bengals
149 Jeff Winters TE Greg Olsen Bears
150 MattRichWarren RB Darren McFadden Raiders
16 151 MattRichWarren WR Nate Burleson Lions
152 Jeff Winters DEF Arizona Cardinals
153 keysh67 WR Brian Robiskie Browns
154 thejimbo* RB Chester Taylor Bears
155 Kurupt WR Mike Williams Buccaneers
156 Brian Galliford WR Jacoby Jones Texans
157 TheAfghanTwilight WR Eddie Royal Broncos
158 poz RB Toby Gerhart Vikings
159 untouchaBILL* RB Ben Tate Texans
160 sireric WR Kevin Walter Texans
17 161 sireric WR Louis Murphy Raiders
162 untouchaBILL* RB Kevin Smith Lions
163 poz DEF Cincinnati Bengals
164 TheAfghanTwilight DEF New York (N) Giants
165 Brian Galliford K Dan Carpenter Dolphins
166 Kurupt K Nate Kaeding Chargers
167 thejimbo* WR Jerricho Cotchery Jets
168 keysh67 WR Dexter McCluster Chiefs
169 Jeff Winters K David Buehler Cowboys
170 MattRichWarren K Lawrence Tynes Giants