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Bills' Gailey Chews Out Hecklers As Camp Closes

The Buffalo Bills have officially concluded training camp, but Chan Gailey couldn't get off the field without getting a parting jab in on a rowdy group of fans.

WGRZ reports that Gailey left the practice field Tuesday morning to have a few words with a group of fans that chose to spend the final practice heckling starting quarterback Trent Edwards. Gailey prohibited his players from signing autographs for the group, and told the hecklers precisely why his players wouldn't be signing for them.

Said Gailey, according to "If you dog one of us, you dog all of us... I just explained to them why the players wouldn’t be over there to sign some autographs for them," he said. "They said some things during practice that were derogatory to a couple of our players. And if you say something derogatory to one of us you say it to all of us, so I told them not to sign for that group."

Edwards was appreciative of Gailey's decision, but also made it clear that the criticism doesn't bother him.

"I’m a fan of the L.A. Dodgers and they’re not playing very good baseball right now," Edwards said. "I could probably go off on a couple of their players. I probably wouldn’t to their face, and if I did I would expect Joe Torre to come after me and say something to me. So that’s nice that I have a head coach that’ll do that, but they’re more than welcome to say whatever they want."

The Bills are on their way back to Orchard Park, where they'll continue preparations for Cincinnati and the regular season.