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Whitner: "We sort of had our own ways of doing things"

I like's Clark Judge. I like Chan Gailey. I like Trent Edwards. If you're interested in reading Judge's take on why Gailey is a great coach for Edwards, and why Buffalo Bills fans should be intrigued about what that pairing can accomplish, feel free to do so. Largely, it's nothing you haven't heard before, but for the most part, it's well put together.

Curiously, the most interesting part of the article had nothing to do with Gailey and Edwards, but everything to do with strong safety Donte Whitner's critical non-critique of Buffalo's previous coaching staff. In response to a Judge question inquiring how the Bills could "close the gap" between themselves and their division rivals, Whitner offered the following:

"Because of the coaching staff," said Whitner. "I don't mean to knock anybody, but I know with some of the things we did in the past some of the teams would look at us and guys would say, 'We don't understand what you guys are doing.' We sort of had our own ways of doing things, which were unique to the National Football League.

"Guys would say, 'You come out and play hard, but no adjustments? We knew you would do this and do that.' [The difference is] having a coaching staff that knows we have to make adjustments."

That's about as direct as you can get. We'll see just how adept Gailey and his coaching staff are at making adjustments once the games start to count, but the hits just keep coming for Buffalo's previous coaching staff - and a lot of them are from players that were fiercely loyal to said coaches.