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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 8/3

Well Rumblers, this is the next to last TMBT of the year; next week is our grand finale. I really only got two suggestions for our finale next week, and I thought that I would combine them. It will prove a bit of a challenge, but for you guys, I will give it a shot... should be interesting. This week, I have a submission from our own BuffaloRepresent, and that one will fill Mystery Bill 1's spot. Have at it.

Mystery Bill 1
- I wore two different jersey numbers as a Bill
- I was a Tusker
- I was undrafted
- I was once interviewed by Bruno on Da Ali G Show

Mystery Bill 2
- I played my collegiate home games in Beaver Stadium
- I played for two NFL teams during my playing days, the Bills and the Giants
- I was in the same draft class as Bills Wall-of-Famer Joe D
- When I retired I was replaced by a Hall of Famer

Mystery Bill 3
- I was a Yellow Jacket
- I played for both the Bills and Browns during my playing career
- Was a six year winner and two year runner-up of the Milledgeville mean-mug award.
- The Bills drafted me in 1978

Mystery Bill 4
- My first name is Charles
- I am a Pro Football Hall Of Famer
- I attended Ohio State University
- I was a three time Pro Bowler