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Wilson: Bills, Spiller Have Made Progress In Negotiations

I believe I'm as weary as you are of discussing the C.J. Spiller holdout, but when there's news to discuss, we discuss the news. Perhaps fortunately for the Buffalo Bills and their first-round pick, there is more news to report here.

Allen Wilson of The Buffalo News appeared on ESPNews Monday, as reported by KFFL, and said that the Bills and Spiller's agent, Gary Wichard, had "moved forward in negotiations," but that the two sides still aren't particularly close to reaching a deal. Wilson believes a deal could be completed by later this week, or by early next week.

The parameters for a Spiller deal are already set. Spiller is one of just three first-round picks that have not yet reported to camp, joining Detroit's Ndamukong Suh (No. 2 overall) and Seattle's Russell Okung (No. 6 overall). He is the lowest-drafted rookie that remains unsigned, excluding the unfortunately injured Sergio Kindle of Baltimore.