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Poll: Which Bills QB Should Be Pre-Season No. 2?

More than a week into 2010 Buffalo Bills training camp, one thing is clear within the confines of the team's quarterback competition: Trent Edwards is a definitive No. 1 on the depth chart. We still don't know if that will translate to the regular season, because there's a lot of pre-season football to be played. Still, it's a certainty, barring a bizarre camp injury, that Edwards will be the first-team quarterback when the Bills open the pre-season schedule a week from today against the Washington Redskins.

The question this morning: should Brian Brohm or Ryan Fitzpatrick follow him through in the rotation?

Both Brohm and Fitzpatrick have been erratic in the camp setting, with Brohm making more conservative throws and steadily improving, while Fitzpatrick is willing to take more chances and ultimately is making more mistakes. We know which of the two are proven, and we've got a hunch that we know which QB will win this poll. What we're looking for are convincing arguments from both sides, so be sure to drop a comment once you've voted.