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McIntyre, Nelson Have Played Themselves Onto Bills Roster

The Buffalo Bills are traveling to Detroit today for tomorrow night's preseason finale against the Lions. Jobs are on the line, with the NFL mandating that teams trim their rosters to 53 players this Saturday. We'll talk more about which players can earn roster spots tomorrow; today, we want to focus on players that have already played their way onto the roster.

I'll start this discussion off by naming the only two players that were not considered locks for the final roster even a month ago, but that have impressed with their play and are, at least in my opinion, virtual locks for the 53-man squad. One of those players is veteran fullback Corey McIntyre. The other is undrafted rookie receiver David Nelson.

We discussed Nelson's surprising preseason earlier this week; the Florida product has, for all intents and purposes, cemented himself as the No. 4 receiver entering the regular season after recording two touchdowns in two preseason games. He's also proven a quick heal, returning from hamstring and ankle injuries with blazing speed.

McIntyre's play has not been quite as impressive as Nelson's. He's been hit-or-miss in pass protection, and still occasionally whiffs as a lead blocker in the run game. His play has been steady, however, and he's made some bruising hits. Chan Gailey has used him offensively just as much as his tight ends. Factor in his special teams prowess and Buffalo's struggles in that area, and it's incredibly unlikely that the Bills part with McIntyre prior to the regular season.

The question for you, dear readers, is this: are there any other players that you believe have played themselves onto the final roster this summer?