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Bills GM Nix Not Satisfied With Right Tackle Play

Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix took some time Monday to speak to fans at the Monday QB Club. In response to a question regarding reserve guard Kraig Urbik and his ability to play right tackle, Nix made a pointed comment about the current state of the right tackle position. Neither the questioner nor Nix named Cornell Green by name, but it was clear that the questioner was less than impressed with Buffalo's right tackle, and Nix agreed.

"We saw the same game you did," Nix quipped.

Green, signed in March shortly after the retirement of Brad Butler, made his first start at right tackle for the Bills in Sunday's loss to Miami, and most closely resembled a matador while pass blocking. He had his moments early in the game as a run blocker, but was exposed for the liability he is in pass protection once the Bills abandoned the run.

Nix sees the aforementioned Urbik as an option on the right side, though not immediately, as Urbik is still learning the offensive system. He's been with the team a little over a week.

"He's a candidate (to play right tackle)," Nix said. "He played right tackle in college. He started 50 games at Wisconsin at right tackle. He has not played tackle in the NFL. He's played guard, and he's played center. But yes, he's a possibility."

Nix also divulged precisely where Urbik sat on Buffalo's draft board during the 2009 NFL Draft.

"To be honest, when we drafted Eric Wood and Andy Levitre, the three top interior linemen on the draft board were those two and Urbik," Nix said. "Now we've got all three of 'em."