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Bills QB Edwards Has At Least One Supporter

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Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Trent Edwards struggled in his debut under new head coach Chan Gailey in Week 1. In losing 15-10 to the Miami Dolphins, Edwards completed just 18 of 34 passes (52.9% completions) for a meager 139 yards, was sacked three times, and led Buffalo's offense on just one touchdown drive - which might not have happened had it not been for a timely busted coverage.

At least one NFL analyst, however, was impressed by some aspects of Edwards' game. That'd be Karl Reitz of

"Aside from being rushed to throw every ball, Edwards didn’t look all that bad," writes Reitz. "He was in control while in the pocket and didn’t let the pass rush disrupt him. He was able to get rid of the ball without giving up too many sacks, but they were mostly dump-offs.

"He made two big mistakes, the same mistake actually, when he threw late on out patterns," continues Reitz. "Benny Sapp and Jason Allen both should have had touchdowns, but luckily for Edwards, they play defensive back and not wide receiver. Miami was able to disguise its young secondary by making the quarterback rush throws - Edwards may have been able to make more plays if he had a few more seconds."

My guess is that this type of analysis will taper off if Edwards continues to struggle. He's got a huge task in front of him this weekend, with Green Bay's blitz-happy defense set to chase him around Lambeau Field for three hours.