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Packers Blow Out Overwhelmed Bills, 34-7

Moments of competent offense and competitive professional football had the Buffalo Bills losing just 13-7 at halftime to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Any shot at a Bills victory slipped through the outstretched hands of receiver Steve Johnson in the third quarter, however, as the Packers capitalized on the ensuing interception and scored 21 straight points to log an easy 34-7 win.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews logged three of the team's four sacks (a figure that seems very low) on quarterback Trent Edwards, who threw for just 102 yards in defeat. He had two passes intercepted; one was a deflected pass through Johnson's hands, and the other was a should-be-reception ripped from the clutches of Roscoe Parrish. Edwards finished with a quarterback rating of 37.

C.J. Spiller did not log a carry until two minutes remained in the fourth quarter. He finished the game with 26 yards on offense. Marshawn Lynch got the start, and the bulk of the work (17 carries, 64 yards) at running back. Lee Evans did not catch a pass, though he did draw a pass interference on Buffalo's lone touchdown drive (capped by a three-yard Fred Jackson score). Buffalo's defense, which once again kept the game close for a time, fell flat on its face in the second half, allowing three scores by Aaron Rodgers - two through the air, and one on the ground.

Buffalo is now 0-2 on the season and looking at a trip to New England next Sunday. Welcome to the second of many, many very long Sunday afternoons this year, Bills fans.