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FOX, ESPN Rank Bills Dead Last In NFL

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After an 0-2 start yielded the NFL's worst offense, zero defensive turnovers and the widest scoring margin (-32) in the league, the Buffalo Bills are right where they should be - dead last in NFL power rankings from FOX and ESPN.

Joel Thorman, who writes the NFL power rankings for SB Nation, was a bit kinder, placing the Bills at No. 31 overall.

The Bills rank dead last in total offense and passing offense. They average 27 fewer passing yards per game than Pittsburgh, who won a game this past Sunday with their fourth-string quarterback. Only Philadelphia and Carolina have allowed more sacks. Middling rush offense (23), total defense (20), passing defense (16) and run defense (15) rankings have done little to help their cause.

Don't worry, though. Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting at quarterback now.