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Parrish Is Now The Bills' No. 2 Receiver

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Trent Edwards isn't the only Buffalo Bills player to get benched this week. Though he'll continue to see significant playing time as the team's third receiver, Steve Johnson told's Mark Ludwiczak on Wednesday that he'd be coming off the bench in favor of Roscoe Parrish.

This change may have actually occurred during last week's loss to Green Bay, when Parrish was lined up across from Lee Evans when the Bills used two-receiver formations. As Johnson further explained, he'll continue to see reps on the outside in multi-receiver formations, allowing Parrish to move back to the slot.

Both receivers were at least partially responsible for interceptions in Week 2. An Edwards pass glanced off of Johnson's hands in the middle of the field, and the tipped ball was intercepted. Parrish had the ball wrestled out of his arms for another Packers interception.

Parrish, however, is the only Bills player to have posted a gain of over 20 yards on an offensive play this year, as he's done it twice. On the year, he has four catches for 69 yards and a touchdown. He's already eclipsed his numbers from 2009 (three catches, 34 yards). Johnson, meanwhile, has six catches for 71 yards in the same time frame.