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New Features At Rumblings, SB Nation

If you were attempting to browse the blog very early this morning (say, between 3 and 5 AM) and noticed that it was down, you caught us in the midst of adding some new features to the blog and to the SB Nation blog network at large. I just wanted to take a quick minute this morning to let you know about those features; consider this your "why do I need an SB Nation account?" testimonial.

SB Nation's Fantasy Football Roster Reader. If you have an SB Nation account and play your fantasy football in a Yahoo league, you'll now be able to access your Yahoo rosters in our new roster reader. The reader propagates stories about the players on your team from around SB Nation, so that you can keep up-to-date on all your team's latest comings and goings from the most in-tune fans in the world.


Easier access to Buffalo Rumblings' Twitter and Facebook pages. Follow or become a fan if you use those mediums for quicker access to your favorite blog. (And while you're at it, follow @BrianGalliford and @MattRichWarren.) You'll see these permanently linked at the top right of the page when you're logged in.

More from Twitter and Facebook: You'll see Tweet and Like buttons on the front page when logged in to your SB Nation account. That'll allow you to share stories you see here (or anywhere else on SBN) with your friends via those platforms.


Email and Print buttons on story pages. This is a minor tweak, and I'm not sure how many of you are emailing or printing the stories that appear here, but it's an easier-to-find option this morning. Note that you won't see the "Admin" link when you're logged in, as that access is restricted to editorial staff.


Slightly modified team and hub pages. The Buffalo Bills team page hasn't changed all that much, but it's something that you should be using on a daily basis anyway, as it propagates stories from across the network. For example, if Pats Pulpit is discussing this week's "matchup," their stories would appear on the Bills page. As another reminder, you should be using SB Nation NFL and SB Nation Fantasy as daily resources, as well.

Minor aesthetic changes. New comment counts now appear bold, as do bylines. There were a few minor box color and location tweaks, but by and large, things don't look much different than they did yesterday. Hopefully, things are just easier to find.

How to get an SB Nation account: If you're not logged in and on the home page of, you'll see the following on the right side of your screen:


Simply click the "Start posting about the Bills" link, featuring our goofy red bison logo, and follow the on-screen instructions to join SB Nation. You'll automatically join Rumblings, and you'll be able to set up a profile and join the blogs of your other favorite teams as well. It's a painless, quick process, and if you have any questions about that process or the new features, email me - I'm happy to assist.