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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 9/28

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Coaches realize the error of their ways - Jerry Sullivan - The Buffalo News
In the end, I felt sorry for Edwards. When an NFL quarterback inspires sympathy, you know it's time to move on. Maybe that's why Gailey made this move. After losing his job yet again, Edwards had become a diminished figure inside his own locker room. There was no longer any way to prop him up as the Man.

Did This Go Higher Than Nix And Gailey - WGR 550 SportsRadio
Paul Hamilton thinks two things: 1) There was most definitely an open QB competition and 2) That Ralph Wilson or Jim Overdorf's hands were all over the move to release Trent Edwards.

Jets among clubs looking at Trent Edwards - AFC East Blog - ESPN
The teams Mortensen names are the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks.

Inside The Bills | Looking good for Poz return "
Paul Posluszny has missed the last two games with a minor knee sprain. At this point the odds are good that he’ll return to the lineup on Sunday against the Jets.

Bills release Edwards

Brohm a step closer now -
"It’s just one step closer to being on the field," Brohm said of his new role. "I’ve been preparing each and every week as if I was going to be in there playing. Preparation won’t change a whole lot, just the mental mindset that I’m the next guy in. If something happens to Fitz I’m going to have to get ready to play."

Bills Roundup: Reaction to Edwards Release (3:33) -
The locker room reacts after hearing about Trent Edwards and a Paul Posluszny update.

Chan Gailey on Releasing Trent Edwards (7:10) -
The Bills head coach speaks about releasing former starter Trent Edwards.

Ryan Fitzpatrick on Release of Trent Edwards (6:31) -
The Bills' starter talks about the release of his predecessor.

Inside The Bills | How Trent took the news "
"He handled it very professionally just as he handled the demotion the week before," said Gailey. "He is a guy that faces everything straight on and he was disappointed I believe, but he understands it’s a business."

Inside The Bills | Possible Trent landing spots "
Chris Brown takes a look at possible landing spots for Trent Edwards that either have only 2 QBs now or need an upgrade over their No. 3.

Inside The Bills | Trent’s record 2007-2010 "
Edwards' record is 14-18 as a starter.

Edwards' exit a boost for others - Sports - The Buffalo News
Mark Gaughan gives his thoughts on Trent's release and the team's state of mind.

Brohm's preparation won't change - Sports - The Buffalo News
This is a very ruthless business," Brohm said. "The GMs and coaches are trying to put the best players on the field to give their team the best opportunity to win. And it's just a reminder that each and every day out there on the practice field you need to go out there and perform and do your best and every day try to put your best foot forward and show the coaches what you have.

Buffalo Bills Replay: Was releasing Trent Edwards the right call? | Democrat and Chronicle
Leo and Sal both agree that Trent should have been released in March. Find out what else they think about the switch and the front office.

Buffalo Bills release QB Trent Edwards | Democrat and Chronicle
Two Octobers ago, Trent Edwards was considered the long-awaited heir apparent to Jim Kelly. He was the quarterback who was going to lead the woebegone Bills back to prominence. That never happened, not even close, and some would say Edwards helped drive the Bills further into irrelevance.

White: Mixed Emotions - WGR 550 SportsRadio
Jeremy White talks of the duality of wanting better quarterbacking and losing a respected member of the Bills community.

Edwards Release: Locker Room Reaction - WGR 550 SportsRadio
The news of quarterback Trent Edwards' release was shocking to the players that comprise the Buffalo Bills' roster. Here are some of the reactions from the teammates just an hour or two after they learned of Trent's release.

Edwards from starter to gone in a week - AFC East Blog - ESPN
But the decision reflects poorly on the organization. Again, unless there's more to the story, it looks like either general manager Buddy Nix and Gailey -- the men dispirited Bills fans are desperate to believe in -- thoroughly bungled the most important position on the field, or impetuous owner Ralph Wilson ordered them to dump an experienced NFL quarterback.

Fans react to Bills release of Edwards |
Many fans feel Trent Edwards quarterback career was sidelined long before Monday's announcement. Fans are certainly reflecting and looking ahead.

4 the Fans - Sudden release of Edwards |
John and Paul discuss the surprising move by the Buffalo Bills to release quarterback Trent Edwards after making Ryan Fitzpatrick the starting quarterback. | Buffalo, NY | Take 2: Edwards Released
Adam Benigni opines on the move.

Trent Edwards won't haunt Buffalo Bills | Democrat and Chronicle
I've seen worse QBs in Bills history. Many of his predecessors would've been hard-pressed to match his 14-18 record under the circumstances.

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Bills release Trent Edwards
In a competition with Fitzpatrick it took Chan Gailey and Friends five months to pick Edwards as their starter. Three weeks later they decide he's not even good enough to be on the team. Go figure.

Edwards’ scared play costs him roster spot -
Fitzpatrick talked about how Chan Gailey praised him for taking chances in Sunday’s loss to New England and while not a pointed indictment of Edwards, it certainly puts the mind in that direction.

2009 records will control Trent Edwards waiver claims |
And here's where things get potentially interesting. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that the 2009 standings control all waiver claims made through today; as of September 28, the 2010 records determine dibs.

Bills cut Trent Edwards, can't stick to a plan once again |
But this release points out once again the Bills have absolutely no plan. No long-term vision. When they do have a plan, they don't stick to it for more than a few weeks.

Trent Edwards gets the heave ho |
But this release points out once again the Bills have absolutely no plan. When they do have a plan, they don't stick to it. They didn't acquire a single quarterback this offseason they kept and have absolutely no long-term option at the position. The coaches change, but the cycle of huge changes in the course of action stays with owner Ralph Wilson.

BillBoard - Blogs - The Buffalo News
For the record, the Bills don’t have to pay Edwards his full salary because he has less than four years’ experience. The Bills payed him for three games, or $291,176. He would have made $1.65 million. So his release saved $1.35 million, or a little less than $1 million, depending on who replaces him on the 53-man roster.

BillBoard - Blogs - The Buffalo News
The Bills players were surprised by the release of Trent Edwards.

BillBoard - Blogs - The Buffalo News
Here was what Bills coach Chan Gailey said today about the team's release of Trent Edwards:

Buffalo Bills Had No Choice But to Release Trent Edwards | Bleacher Report
GB Bongiovanni discusses why the Bills had to release Trent Edwards.

Three games into 2010, some teams need a QB for 2011 - Mocking The Draft
Buffalo and Cleveland may be in the Andrew Luck Bowl on Dec. 12, but they're not the only teams in need of a quarterback.

Bills release Trent Edwards, should the Jaguars try to sign him? - Big Cat Country
"Should the Jaguars try to go after former Bills QB Trent Edwards?" Most there say yes. In other grass is always greener news....

My ode to Trent Edwards - Buffalo Wins
Joe Pinzone's thoughts on the QB that was...

TLNM Podcast w/ Luke Russert, Vol. III -
Our weekly podcast with NBC News’ Luke Russert delves into the Trent Edwards release, the depth at running back and even Carl Paladino’s chances in November.

A Difficult Evaluation | The Goose's Roost
TGR looks back on the 2007 NFL draft when the Bills took Trent Edwards.

More Bills Links
Bills vs Patriots Hit List: Week 3 - Buffalo Wins

What went right against the Patriots.

Bills vs Patriots Miss list: Week 3 - Buffalo Wins
What went wrong against the Patriots.

Enter the red zone | National Football Post
Pick up Marshawn Lynch in your fantasy league says Joe Fortenbaugh. | Buffalo, NY | Bills May Be Bad - But Not Boring
The Bills are a very bad football team; maybe the worst team in the NFL. But at least on Sunday at New England, they were not a boring team, and in fact, did enough good things to make watching another 12 games seem like something other than a death sentence.

Through three games, how do QBs rank? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Tim Graham puts Chad Pennington ahead of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Rex Ryan not looking past Buffalo - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Everybody says it will be a trap game," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "You got to watch this team play. They're in every game. We know what this game's all about."

No room to breath in AFC East - Sports - The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson talks about how difficult the AFC East is and goes around the league.

Patriots kept 'em guessing - Sports - The Buffalo News
"We were able to kind of change it up and kind of catch them in some smaller-guy sets with our big guys out there, or vice versa, and really just take advantage of some mismatches," said Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker.

Inside The Bills | Throwback jersey week "
This Sunday is one of two home dates where the Bills will wear their blue throwbacks jerseys with their white helmets with the standing red buffalo. The date was chosen to honor Wall of Fame inductee Booker Edgerson, whose name will be unveiled on Sunday.

Spiller puts up points -
CJ Spiller scored two touchdowns and had a huge impact on special teams while contributing on offense against the Patriots.