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Rex Ryan Still Thinks Highly Of Aaron Maybin

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Wednesdays are media availability days for opposing teams, meaning that Western New York media got the opportunity to talk to New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan earlier this morning. Having coached in Baltimore for a number of years, Ryan's children attended the same high school as current Buffalo Bills pass rusher Aaron Maybin. Per Chris Brown at, Ryan had some encouraging thoughts on Buffalo's second-year defensive end.

"When he came out of high school I thought he was the real deal," said Ryan. "Even at Penn State I think he does have pass rush skills. He’s got an outstanding get-off, he can turn the edge on you. The production isn’t there initially, but you’ve got to be patient with the guy and Chan knows that. It’s probably just a matter of time before that kid turns the corner."

Maybin did not record a sack in limited playing time as a rookie, and has struggled as a defensive end in George Edwards' new scheme through three games this year. Though most believed Maybin would play outside linebacker in the new scheme, struggles versus the run have limited his role to defensive end work in nickel and dime situations, when the Bills typically use four down linemen.

Ryan, however, is preaching patience with Maybin, as patience with his own defenders - including one that now resides in Buffalo - has paid off for him in the past.

"Vernon Gholston has really turned the corner for us," said Ryan. "A guy like Dwan Edwards, who I had in Baltimore struggled initially and then he became an outstanding player. I think you just have to patient. I think this young man will be an outstanding pass rusher. I just hope it’s not this week."