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Yahoo Ranks Bills Owner Wilson No. 26 In NFL

Michael Silver, who covers the NFL for Yahoo! Sports and annually puts out rankings of all 32 NFL owners, has placed Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson, Jr. No. 26 in the NFL this year. You can read the first installment of his rankings here.

Wilson rates ahead of six owners - Bill Bidwill (Arizona), Virginia McCaskey (Chicago), Randy Lerner (Cleveland), William Clay Ford (Detroit), Mike Brown (Cincinnati) and the venerable Al Davis (Oakland). Miami's Stephen Ross rates just ahead of Wilson.

I can only assume that jokes about Wilson's age (as well as the ages of Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey), the Bills in Toronto Series being set up to "placate" Wilson so that he wouldn't "whine" about low revenue streams, and the ever-depressing playoff drought are the actual rationale behind his placement. I doubt I'd try to argue Wilson higher up the list, but I'm still waiting for the day when a mention of Mr. Wilson in a national publication doesn't come with a "he's 90, let's all laugh at the old dude and his old friends" attitude.