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Report: Bills Sign FB McIntyre To Two-Year Extension

Mike Florio at is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have "quietly" extended the contract of starting fullback Corey McIntyre by two years. Florio also reports that the extension makes McIntyre "among the highest-paid fullbacks in the NFL."

McIntyre, 31, is the only fullback on Buffalo's roster, though the team did retain preseason backup Rodney Ferguson on its practice squad. He signed a two-year extension back in February of 2009, and was entering a contract year in 2010. The extension adds two years to that existing year, meaning that McIntyre is now under contract for three more years with reported base salaries totaling $2.48 million.

It appears Buffalo is satisfied with its starting fullback, and that McIntyre will be Buffalo's lead blocker for the foreseeable future.