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Chan Gailey Not Sure Who Bills' Starting Center Will Be

While we're on the subject of centers, I thought it'd be a good time to bring up something that Ron From NM only touched on in his most recent O-Line analysis: whether Geoff Hangartner or Eric Wood will be the Buffalo Bills' starting center when the 2011 NFL season begins. (If it begins.)

If Bills head coach Chan Gailey has an idea which direction he's leaning for the starting nod in the pivot, he's not telling us.

"I don't know," Gailey said on a recent episode of The Thurman Thomas Show. "That'll be an interesting process, because we've got a good player in Geoff Hangartner, and now you've got a good player in Eric Wood. You've got good guards, you've got good centers. To be honest with you, it's a much better scenario than we started the season with, I can say that."

We do know that Gailey wants to get more physical along the offensive line. We know that Wood is a more physical player than Hangartner is, even though, as Ron pointed out earlier this morning, Hangartner is a pretty darn good center in his own right. Buffalo can easily keep Wood at center, where he finished the season, and let Hangartner compete with the likes of Kraig Urbik and Chad Rinehart at right guard. Or they can simply install Hangartner and Wood at their normal positions and eliminate a question mark or two.

Either way, even though the Bills still have question marks along their offensive line, it's nice to know that they're not hurting for talent on the interior.