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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Who Else Is A Seahawks Fan Today?

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I think I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan today.

I don't even have anything against the Bears. They're a good football team. And the reason that I think I'm a Seahawks fan today - former Bills running back Marshawn Lynch - could have given me reason not to be a Seahawks fan today, should I have chosen to allow petty jealousy to sway my opinion. Here, yet again, is a former Bills player doing great things for another team - in the month of January, no less.

Marshawn earned my loyalty for he and his team for one day because of this story. Lynch, who makes no secret about his early-career off-field struggles while in Buffalo, credits former teammate Fred Jackson for sticking with him through thick and thin - and because of that loyalty, Lynch brought Jackson out to Seattle for last week's upset win over the Saints, in which Lynch broke off one of the most memorable runs in recent playoff history.

"Having him there was a wonderful feeling," Lynch told Yahoo!'s Mike Silver. "Coming into the league, that was a guy who took me under his wing, showed me the ropes, showed me how to be a pro on this level. I had a tough road, and he was there every step of the way. It was my first playoff game, and he said it was like his first playoff game, too. And he said that when I scored on that run, it almost felt like he was down on the sideline running alongside me. That was big for me."