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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 1/16

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Defensive backs get a pass - Bills & NFL - The Buffalo News
"In the end, the Bills' ranking of third in the NFL in passing yards allowed was a hollow victory. Facing a Bills defense that was 32nd against the run, why would opposing quarterbacks throw? In fact, the Bills faced the second-fewest pass attempts in the league (29.5 a game)."

Buffalo Bills find new perspective for football in 1991 | Democrat and Chronicle
"Twenty years ago, the Persian Gulf War began, but the Buffalo Bills had to go about their business, preparing to play in the AFC Championship Game, and then, the Super Bowl."

Cookie was a monster on the field, a friend off it - Larry Felser - The Buffalo News
"Stubborn, lovable, intractable, generous, unreasonable. The Cookie I'll always remember is the one whom I asked for an interview when he arrived in Buffalo the first time. "I can't do it now," he said as he left the dressing room, "but give me your address." He rang my doorbell a half hour later and stayed for three hours. We were always friends after that. May he rest in peace."

AFC East chat leaves no team behind - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Sunday's playoff showdown between the New York Jets and New England Patriots has commanded the AFC East spotlight, and rightly so. The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills wish they still could be relevant on the field, but that hasn't stopped them from moving forward off it. With plenty to catch up on, it was the perfect time to hold a non-denominational, quad-partisan AFC East chat. We were heavy on Dolphins and Bills talk."

A Look At Possible Candidates For Eagles Defensive Coordinator - Bleeding Green Nation
"Now that Sean McDermott has been shown the door, the next step is to look at who could possibly be his replacement." Dick Jauron is at the top of the list.

Buffalo Bills: Featured Columnist Offseason Roundtable Discussion | Bleacher Report
"The great Featured Columnist team for the Buffalo Bills have decided to come together once again for a round table discussion regarding the future of our beloved Bills."

Three Up, Three Down - Sports - Las Vegas
Cookie Gilchrist died Monday. What I remember most about the former Buffalo Bills fullback is not what a great self-made runner he was, but that one of the old American Football League announcers -- Al DeRogatis or Jim Simpson, maybe -- once said he played his college ball at "Knownee." This was because under "College" by Cookie's name in the program it said "None."

Checkdowns: Biggest turnarounds " blog " Blog Archive
A list of teams who were blown out in the first game of a two-game series to win in the same year. It's measured by difference in the first loss so despite the 62 points swing the 2003 Bills-Pats series is pretty far down the list. Many other Bills game appear.

2011 NFL Draft
Newton's Law: Bills need to be right with top pick - Allen Wilson - The Buffalo News

"After a Heisman Trophy-winning season that culminated with leading the Tigers to the national championship, Newton surprised no one by foregoing his senior season to enter the draft. But will Newton's game translate to the pro level? There is no bigger question confronting NFL teams."

Why the Bills Should Consider Cam Newton | | Blogs
"So whether its Cam Newton or Gabbert or Ryan Mallett, I expect Buddy Nix to seriously consider taking a quarterback. He hopes he’s only picking this high once. But he knows you must get a premier player, and nothing’s more premier than a quarterback." news: Instantly, Newton is most intriguing draft prospect of 2011
"He's significantly better than JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young were for a lot of reasons," said one veteran personnel executive. "I'd put him somewhere in the (Steve) McNair, (Donovan) McNabb, (Josh) Freeman category. This kid showed more accuracy and better decision-making than Josh Freeman did at (Kansas State), though in the end, Freeman might be more intelligent."