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Poll: Should The Bills Pursue Eric Mangini?

The Buffalo Bills made some waves last week when they spoke to Dave Wannstedt about joining their defensive coaching staff in some capacity. I'm with 13 WHAM's Mike Catalana, however - if Chan Gailey wants to add a defensive voice to his coaching staff, the man he should be talking to is Eric Mangini.

Who cares if Mangini has never worked with Gailey before? There's one easy pitch that should pique Gailey's interests no matter what: Mangini, though he's been fired from both of the head coaching jobs he's ever had, knows how to beat the New England Patriots.

Consider this: the Patriots have beaten the Bills in 15 straight contests. That streak dates back to the 2003 season. Mangini, who has been a head coach for the Jets and Browns since 2006, has beaten the Patriots three times already; his career 3-5 record against his former employers is about as good as it gets. His 5-11 Browns wiped the floor with the Patriots in 2010, blowing them out 34-14 in Cleveland.

Mangini laid out a game plan for the Jets to beat the Patriots this past week, both with an article written for the New York Post (seriously - read it; there's some truly excellent stuff in there), and on ESPN as an analyst. Boom: Jets 28, Patriots 21, and though he didn't directly influence the outcome of the game, Rex Ryan's crew was able to hit on many of Mangini's talking points.

If the Bills want to beat the Patriots sometime this century, talking to Eric Mangini about joining their coaching staff wouldn't be a bad place to start.